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Picma is a cozy picture logic game featuring over 100,000 community curated puzzles distributed across 3 different puzzle types.

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Coming Q2 2024
Coming Q3 2024

◈ Features

Much more than Nonograms

Find your favorite picture logic game from our selection of three puzzle types (more coming soon).

Quality despite quantity

Our user content is curated by the community and only a fraction of the submitted images become puzzles.

True logic puzzles

Every puzzle is machine-verified to have a single logical solution.

Massive puzzles

Our puzzles range from the tiny 5x5 all the way to the gigantic 50x50.

Actual multi-color puzzles

What you solve is what you get, with up to 8 colors per puzzle.

Cross-platform saves

Your Coins, Tickets and completed puzzles are synced across devices and platforms.

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Play for free daily

Create and rate images to earn Coins and play at no cost.

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No nickel & dimming

Only pay for puzzle content, not hints or “lives”.

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Friendly subscriptions

Monthly Tickets are like a subscription but better. Learn more in-game!

◈ Roadmap

Picma is in active development. These are just some of the features we will be adding to the game over time!

Mosaic puzzles

New puzzle section with extra-large images divided into many smaller puzzles.

Layered puzzles

New puzzle section where multiple puzzles are layered to form a single image.

More color palettes

New color combinations in the editor will add an extra splash of color to puzzles while maintaining the color count.

New puzzle types

Our next picture logic puzzle might just be your favorite.

Are we missing any essential features? Let us know!

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◈ Get in touch!

Found a bug? Got a suggestion? You can always get in touch with us at support@picture-enigmas.com

We're a tiny indie team (and by tiny we mean there's two of us) but we'll always do our best to answer quickly!

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