Uncover hidden pictures using your logic skills in a game featuring over 30.000 puzzles across 3 different game modes!


Latest update on 2015.01.22. Version 1.2.9 is now online!

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Picma is a compilation of 3 different logic games where each puzzle is a pixel art image waiting to be uncovered.

Don't worry if these rules seem complex, if you try the Tutorials they will quickly make sense!

Picma Plus

  • Each clue indicates a group of contiguous cells filled with the same colour in a given row or column.
  • There must be at least one empty cell between groups of the same colour, while groups of different colours do not necessarily have empty cells between them.
  • Clues are always given in the correct order.

Picma Squared

  • Each clue indicates how many of the 9 surrounding cells, including itself, must be filled with the current colour.
  • A cell that contains a clue is either empty or filled with that same colour.

Picma Links

  • Clues always appear in pairs that you must connect.
  • The numeric value of each clue indicates the length of the path that connects the pair.
  • Paths cannot cross each other
  • Left-click or left-click and drag to “paint” cells with the current colour. Right-click to cross empty cells.

  • F Enables Fullscreen mode. Press “F” again or “Esc” to exit.

  • 1 Selects the “cross” to mark empty cells.
  • 2-8 Switches to the corresponding colour.
  • Z, X Cycle through all available colours as well as the “cross”.

  • Spacebar Pops up a small palette under your mouse cursor.
  • Shift Holding “Shift” allows crossing cells without changing colours.

  • Ctrl Holding “Ctrl” will allow you to click and drag the grid.
  • W, A, S, D Respectively moves the grid up, left, down and right.
  • Q, E Respectively Zoom Out and Zoom In.

Voting daily usually takes just a couple of minutes and allows you to help build a better puzzle library while also earning enough Coins to play a new puzzle everyday!

While voting please consider these guidelines:

  • Generally gorgeous

    The most important guideline is also the simplest. Just don your art critic hat and say Yes to images you find pleasing. Try to be a harsh but fair critic!

  • Don't keep it simple

    The bigger the canvas the more room there is to make something great, therefore you should be exceptionally critical of large images that are far too simple or uninteresting. Given that most flags would fall under this guideline, and in order to be impartial, country flags should not be accepted.

  • Titles matter

    A name can often make or break a puzzle, particularly for smaller images. Consider the image's title before casting your vote.

  • Sensitive subjects

    Picma's community is global and encompasses several generations of puzzlers with varied beliefs and life experiences. Be on the lookout for hateful images, as well as those with obscene, political or missionary messages.

Make your vote count!

Creating puzzles is an easy and fun way to earn Coins to play puzzles from other authors! You should however expect a period of at least 72h between submitting your creation and receiving any Coins due to the community voting process.

  1. Think of a subject and start drawing!

    It's really easier than you might think, but please keep the Voting Guidelines in mind.

  2. Finished? Name your puzzle and press the “Validate” button.

    The editor will then try to check if we can make valid puzzles using your image and will present you with the results in 10-30s (generally).

  3. Either go back and tweak your puzzle or press the “Submit” button.

    Creating images that "validate" is not an exact science, but practise makes perfect.

You're done! Other players will now be able to vote on your creation.

This part of the process can take a while, it simply depends on the ratio between new puzzles and player votes. Why not help out and also vote on a few puzzles?

Accepted images are then checked against duplicates (and guideline violations that voters may have missed). Finally, they are turned into puzzles and you receive your hard-earned Coins.

Now go and make some art!